Thursday, October 23, 2008

What time is your brother picking us up?

Yes boys and girls, while you're at work slaving over a hot keyboard (not to be confused with slaving over a hot microwave for you stay-at-home-Rosenbergs) HE took the LRT to the airport for people watching and a cup of coffee. This particular photo is for Mrs to show her the TSA's uniform. J Edgar Hoover would have preferred more of a sun dress with spectator pumps.
I like the couples the best because the wife is always leading the old man around by his...well, you know. And she's always reminding him of what a dumb shit he really is and how her mother wanted her to marry some other poor schmuck.
Tram baby tram. I was kind enough to suggest to people that the tram only has one stop in each direction when they looked confused. I'm a real sweetie like that.

So, go back to work and figure out what you'll do for lunch. I need to freshen up for the doctor's office.