Sunday, October 19, 2008

Send in the clowns

I brought this tree home from work in my bosses old shitbox mini van about 13 years ago. It had one big root we called the elephant tusk and have always referred to it as the elephant tusk maple. I took the picture from my asshole neighbor's yard.

Blogging: I just got tired of the other blog. I'm never going to have a stat counter on this one. No links. Just a place to fuck around. I think my wife learns some stuff about me from the stuff I write. I really should completely dump the other blog but I don't want to lose the "domain" name. Some other jerk off with a moped might take over Lunatic Biker and that would just be wrong.

Bike racing: I bet I have too much fun out there for most roadies. But when you have a group who remembers the 1996 Raspberry Festival Crit and who made what move then what the fuck can you expect? I'll bike race again but after my knee gets better.

My knee: Hard to say. My doctor wouldn't know shit either without scoping it. It's sore and it feels sometimes like it's going to give out and there are times when a shot of sharp pain goes through it. But it doesn't hurt like a motherfucker at night when I'm in bed like the other times I tore it up. Times when the weight of a sheet brought on excruciating pain.

That's all you get. Rosenberg, go piss off Frye or Smithers again. I really love that shit. You can't piss me off. I'll just drive to your house and kick you in your man-gina.


bloodline said...

1996 raspberry crit, second to dfl about 90 degre i hugged a soccer mom rode home w/ one girl and met my wife for the second time

Smithers said...

I can't get pissed off if I don't give a shit.

Jim Thill said...

If you delete the other blog, but keep the LB profile active, the domain remains yours.