Friday, January 23, 2009

I ate lunch on the taxpayers twice. Thanks.

My jury duty has ended. I'm not going to say much about the case because I don't want that vulture from the Star Tribune finding me. I did get to say 'no comment', however. In the end I see that the criminal justice system is one slow moving train. The process of juror selection moves the slowest. The trial moved a little quicker compared to voir dire.

It is nice to have people including the judge standing when you enter the room. The judge was a swell guy with a deep appreciation of our civic duty as jurors. The trial isn't like television. Parts are boring. Some of the witnesses are boring. Most of the evidence is especially boring. Some of the evidence is graphic. The forensic evidence isn't like CSI. Grissom never testifies as an expert witness.

So, you have to sort through the prosecution's dog-and-pony-show to help you decide the case and then be locked up in a room with other people.

Maybe the recent election will broaden the ethnicity of the jury pool. I kinda hope so.