Saturday, January 10, 2009


Jury duty is ok. There are plenty of places to eat downtown and the Government Center has a pretty good cafe in the basement. You get enough breaks to people watch in the skyway and the train stops in front of the place. I'm lucky because the City pays me my regular wage as long as I turn in the 10 bucks a day the State pays for jury duty.

Boy, time spent on that trainer sure goes slow. I'm using the trainer to get used to that time trial aero position and to melt away some Christmas cookies. I rode downtown to court once and rode slow and still arrived a sweating mess.

This is a tough winter for bike riding. The best place to ride is the bike trails which goes for summer too most of the time. Main streets have had the shit salted out of them but they are starting to get narrower which means you're riding closer to traffic. If you tell me the side streets in Minneapolis are anything but an absolute struggle I will find you and bitch slap you.

Coffee time.


andrew rosenberg said...

alright, fair weather bikes are in order, and riding with traffic like an ex-messenger has been recommended, the side streets and salt will destroy me....see you downtown

rigtenzin said...

The side streets are the worst part of the ride. This winter is kicking my butt.

JIM said...

Struggle makes you strong, Ray. Take the side streets!