Friday, January 2, 2009

I rode 5310 miles in 2008. I think I could've ridden more. On a brighter note, I haven't washed my car in over three years.

I start jury duty on Monday and I'm still not sure of a wardrobe for it. Not sure if I'm going to wear a sports jersey or button down shirt and a tie or the mumu. Do I sport a Mohawk or just shave half of my head. I think most of you could lessen the stress in your life if you didn't give a shit about what people think of the clothes you wear.

I may lower myself and eat an apple cuz there ain't shit to eat in the house.

Snowy dog has a grease spot on her head from the plastic bike (carbon fiber?) I have in the living room.


StevenCX said...


rlove said...

X-cellent post. Couldn't agree more. Nice miles too.

Snakebite said...

Is it a grease spot or just Brylcreem???