Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I owe my success to Twitter

It's about that time of the year where I tell you to just post something on your blogs. Don't start out with an explanation about why you haven't posted or how long it's been because nobody really gives a shit.

Rosenberg, you're driving to the Swap Meet in Blaine. I'll pay your way in and buy you coffee. I'll even pop for 2 dollars worth of gas. I could call you with this news but then I'd have to talk to you.

Tuffy's not answering my text messages. I'm now on suicide watch.


SickBoy said...

You could skip Rosenfuck altogether and just ride up with me, gratis.

andrew rosenberg said...

if it gonna be a sausage fest it's best to ride with the biggest kielbasa....and the van has room for all of ray's purchases, good thing that third seat is still out on somebody's garage floor....