Monday, December 14, 2009

Basketball head has been found

I think the Coach purse really enhances the photo.

We're all pretty sad around here about the end of Bikethow. It's hard to keep something going. Tweet up luncheon. Frye has small children and a real job. Super Rookie is school teacher and a tween and what was that about the Tweet Up Luncheon?

Wish I could have accompanied the Cullen boys on the road trip to Oregon for Cross Nationals...singing camp songs, eating junk food and playing license plate bingo.

I guess with Bikethrow going boots up I may have to create a list of links so you're not wandering the internet willy nilly.


SickBoy said...

So basketball head has been found - what happened to boxhead?

OTR said...

I have taken the liberty of addressing the internet wandering.

bloodline said...