Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here I am with my brother Jim. I think I'm about a week old and Jimmy Boy is like 8 or 9. That thing on the left is a rotary dial telephone. It didn't have caller ID.

If you noticed that the lights blinked at your place yesterday it was due to my I-pod crashing my computer. Additionally, the electric grid, Illinois Tollway System and Sexworld also experienced computer related maladies because of this.

The vigil for the UPS man continues.

21 degrees in Minneapolis right now. If you rode you bike to work today then ride it home too.

Nuff said.


brother yam said...

gotta ride it home -- big dummys do not fit on bus bike racks...

Patrick said...

Going home is the easy part.

Anonymous said...

You're not a week old in that picture for God Sakes.....more like 6 months.....cause if that's what you looked like at a week old then why didn't the Guinness World Record People put you into their 1957 version of the largest baby born..??? haaa!

(Jen wrote this comment)