Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey pal, I've got shittier attitudes than this one.

Mrs was quite impressed by my Clapper setup for the Christmas tree.

Some guy in a car stopped me on the Parkway on Sunday to ask if I said something to him as he drove by. I was riding on the sidewalk at the time. He said I looked at him with a 'little attitude' when he went by. I told him that I hadn't said anything. I then said, 'Why, were you looking to start a fight?'. He called me a loser and got back in his car and left. He was an Indian (dots, not feathers) and could have used some lessons in street talk. The King's English doesn't come off as all that tough when trying to be a bad ass.

I spent money at CRC, Midtown Bike Center and One on One yesterday even though I think Guns-n-Rosenberg thought I paid for his coffee when I didn't. Put it on my tab, Tommy Gun.

Jersey coming today when the UPS guy comes through. And the beat goes on.


moonshiner said...

i'm looking for a nice gun.... 5 shot clip, all metal,small, with serial numbers or without see what you can find

The Donut Guy said...

...dots not feathers.....I guess you can never have enough friends out there.