Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I now pronounce the bathroom as hospital clean.

A light vacuuming was also accomplished. I was called away to referee a dog wrestling match. The Assassin is trying to take over the title of Queen Bee but the Snowy Bear has been forced to use some of the dirty tricks she learned from Wu.

With all of the decent dessert items gone we will be reduced to consuming Girl Scout cookies.

I hear quiet in the living room as the girls have sufficiently wrestled the piss out of each other and are waiting for Texas @ Detroit on MLB Extra Innings.

Yes Red, the spike in petrol prices will bring out shitloads of new commuters but not Easy Eddie because he's an absolute pimp daddy in that Indiana Jones chapeau.

Sometimes people ask me if my wife is angry that I don't have a job. You know, I'm too good of a GD cuddler to just kick to the curb.

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