Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This may be the first time I put a jersey and sweatpants over my jammies which consist of a t-shirt and cut off Zubaz (thanks Kruse) to drive the multi-talented Mrs to work. We get our taxes done in historic Saint Anthony this afternoon so no biking today.

I did stop at Midtown for a hot cup and some conversation. I offered some women a dollar to take the toe clips off her Rockhopper but she said she needs them. I think that track racers should be the only cyclists to use toe clips but then WTF do I know. I don't like them for myself because my feet are big enough to stomp out 3 alarm fires.

Let's not leave out the grocery shopping where I only had 3 items on my list and had to run back because I almost forgot 1 item. Don't put the milk in the bag, homeboy.

I filled up the bird feeder and briefed my neighbor down the block and picked up part of a car bumper his neighbor conveniently moved two houses down instead of just walking it to the garbage.

Noon baseball, son, noon baseball!


andrew rosenberg said...

glad you didn't de-brief the neighbor, although it's perfectly alright if yr into that, just warn me before you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at my backside the next time we go for a bicycle ride.

All The Way Ray said...

I don't need any J** to tell me how to dress my kid.