Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh I've been to Opus

Wait, I'm getting a text message from Tuffy.
Back when Skibby was just a fucking roadie.
The great Olive looking good as always.
If you had this much personality I would buy you the kilt.
What's the story on this kid? Doctor? Lawyer? Jail?
If Sobol appeared at my front door I would give him a big hug and a granola bar.


Red said...

What if I showed up at Opus with a fully-loaded Long Haul Trucker and tried to get into a race? Would they let me? Would they run me off course if they found out I'm the world's most dangerous CPA?

All The Way Ray said...

I'd bitch slap 'em if they didn't let you race. You're a dangerous MF, Red!

Super Rookie said...

i am just happy comments are turned back on.

Ben said...

The "kid" is selling drugs in Oregon somewhere...legally at a Walgreens.

Skibby said...

fucking roadies