Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I saw my ink blot doctor this morning but I didn't wear the sweater dress I bought for last Halloween. I always make sure I say hi to all of the other crazies in the waiting room. I told him I'd appreciate a script of Oxy but he just wouldn't do it.

A stop at the Apple Store at Southdale yielded a new set of earbuds. I have one of the Ipod Shuffles with the volume/change song on the cord. I hope the guy who thought that up gets Herpes. This set of earbuds will die just like the other ones just like your douchephone that's made to last 2 years.

Let's not forget 37 dollars worth of gas and 52 bucks for groceries at Target. Mrs gave me 50 smackers so I had to panhandle for the difference. On the way home I ran into the Richfield boys and shot the shit with them. I miss the boys but not those asshole residents or the fucked up City Hall management jerks.

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