Friday, July 15, 2011


Let's take this slowly.

I stopped and waited for the rain to slow down at the 32nd and Minnehaha bus shelter even though later I would become completely drenched and even fuck around with my gutters during a complete deluge.

Anyway, while under the shelter a guy came and I smiled in the way that you might use to recognize another human being on this planet. He gave me a dirty look and proceeded to eat his banana. Hey, is that a banana in you hand...

Well, Fucky's bus came and he was looking down at his Ipod so the driver figured he'd keep going so I pointed out that - 'hey, there's your bus' - when the bus was within sight but not withing catching distance.

So the guy muttered something at me and ran back up 32nd Street to hopefully call a cab and spend 20 bucks on that.

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