Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday to my Sassy girl! She may look sad here but she's actually just relaxing in her Daddy's chair.

I'm trying to fight off the urge to take a nap, but really, why fight it?

I stopped and looked at the flowers on the Greenway near Bryant I guess this morning. You should do that some time. Especially you bug-up-your-ass-roadies. Fuck, you're missing half the fun of riding a bike. Yeah, walking is great but you can cover more ground on a bike.

You Twinkies fans shouldn't get down on your boy Capps. None of these so-called closers comes into the game and gets 3 outs quickly. They all fuck around and throw 25 pitches, walk two guys and get the job done by the skin of their teeth.

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Red said...

Donovan does a nice job with that garden, doesn't he? We donated a little rose bush the year he started and stop once in awhile to look for it.

If you're serious about selling the Kogswell, you should ride it in one of these days. I need to add to my collection...