Friday, July 22, 2011


Mrs and I rode the last 2 days because it wasn't Africa hot. Miss Debbie's tomato plants loved the heat and humidity. It looks like she's going to get at least two tomatoes off three plants which constitutes a bumper crop by any one's standards.

The jersey on the far left is the one I covet. I'd get one with Kendry Morales's number on it because who doesn't love a guy who breaks his leg celebrating a walk-off home run and then misses a whole year because of it.

How come there's 2 shitty little grocery stores at 42nd and 28th but no shitty little grocery store at 42nd and Cedar. At least currently.

Last week a guy rented a bike at Midtown and left his luggage while he rode his rental. I made a terrorist reference/crack and someone took umbrage to my comment. Called me 'over-the-top obnoxious'. My government has spent a trillion dollars on wars which have cost thousands of lives. They've also tried to beat it into my head that unattended luggage is bad ju-ju. I should have just called Homeland Security.


Snakebite said...

Whoever took umbrage needs to lighten the f*** up.

Anonymous said...

For you its a compliment.