Friday, May 21, 2010

Fridays - Late Edition

My afternoon nap was longer than expected. Now I have to plan where to take Mrs for dinner. Nobody told me how difficult this retirement was going to be.

Try not include any of the new header photo in your dreams.

I walked one circle (full circle, sporty) of one level at the Mall Of America and then took the stairs to the top of the parking garage twice. I noticed on the walking part that I was the youngest person walking by a good 10 years.

So these pro cyclists aren't all dopers? Hey, I just want to fit in some of the clothes I've eaten my way out of.

My favorite firefighter saw me and the puppies on the street and walked the rest of the way home from 42nd and Cedar with us. I showed her the house and Sassy mouthed her ankle and foot before she left. Don't take off your shoes at our house.

Have a good weekend or I'll have a dog bite you on the ankle.