Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're relieved that Sassy has for the time being moved from chewing on the couch to the kitchen floor. Did I hear you say she needs more bones and other chew toys? Listen Sparky, this house is a f-ing minefield of bones, hooves, tennis balls and last but not least the 16 dollar Nylabone that she could give two shits about.

We just ducked Jehovah at the front door. Sassy wagged her tail feverishly from the front window. I hope any robbers bring a dog with them because she goes ape shit when she sees another dog. There's a 40 mph wind out there and these women were carrying a small kid. Woof.

Scott Flanders recognized me on my ride back from the hospital and now I'm piss my pants happy. Hey, without roadies, hipsters and joyless-fair-weather-commuters who would I have to make fun of.

That's enough of this. I hear a dog in the next room destroying a throw rug...