Friday, May 7, 2010

I hope at one time or another you've shown my blog to someone who then remarked -'what an asshole'. You live a major portion of your life trying to please other people and then one day you just say Fuck It.

If you need gas, incense, a throwing star or a belt buckle that says PIMP then stop at the gas station at 48th and Cedar. Many reasonable Mothers Day gifts can be found here.

I stopped by Ma's grave yesterday and while I was talking to her I told her that the digging of her grave probably killed a nearby tree.

KARE 11 anchorman Mike Pomergantz and the 3rd string sports guy did a real dis on the Baltimore Orioles yesterday. Yep, the Twins could have the batboy pitch, huh fellas? Final score: Baltimore 2 Minnesota 0.

Tuffy, stirrup socks are on their way from Robert Marshall. Next time I'll confer with you before I order.

I'd like to take a photograph of every bike that passes my house going east on 42nd Street for like an 8 hour period. Well, at least a 30 minute period.

Go away. Leave me alone. I never liked you.