Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like that guy running for governor I hearken back to a Minnesota where everyone was white. Don't be alarmed, we're negroes.

My next career could be picking up aluminum cans. Since there are a number of "can men" in the city I may need Bolstad's special set of skills that your tax dollars taught him.

It's cute when roadies call each other fat.

My attitude when I was employed was to get the day over with as fast as possible with a minimum of drama and some humor. Can you say that about yourself.

Survey says that men around 50 years old tend to chill out and women have a bug up their ass right up to the time the casket lid is closed.

Carla, I miss seeing "SOME" of the people at Black Dog and especially you, Julia and Benita but I don't miss torturing myself on that f-ed up road. And I miss Paul Schoening who's just lovable.

Get better wishes go out to my pal Skibby who knows it's just a bike. xoxo for you Skibs.