Friday, May 28, 2010

Where's Ward?

I left CRC before the Flanders roadies showed up. Foo foo coffee for everyone!

The Illinois National Guard is headed to the Gulf to help clean up this oil spill. Hopefully, chain smoking Marlboro Lights and spewing foul language will do the trick.

WGN has a cooking segment every day on the noon news. The anchor gal always asks the cook the most awkward shit.

You think you're tough? Let's see you live through 10 weeks of Dancing With The Stars, skippy.

Let me get this straight. Rogers Park PW wants a fixed gear bike, too? You fuckers will shoot your eye out.

Oh I would've enjoyed talking with the Flanders boys about lawn fertilizer and the time they outsprinted some recumbent slapdick on the Greenway.

That's enough of this. You're already in line at the liquor store.