Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh sure, when I suggest someone who gets lost in a parking ramp is a doorknob I'm the asshole in the place but anyone else can get away with it.

Ok Vikings fans, it's time to panic.

I'm listed as doubtful for any yard work today.

Black dog let her daddy sleep through the night. Would have been perfect had the feds not been chasing me because of a robbery of some sort. You try fleeing the scene in a semi.

Someone was going to say Hi to me and Mrs on the Greenway last week and then he 'remembered he was a roadie'. (Mrs)

You didn't tell me it was the hot chick on Versus who plays up her cleavage 24/7 that Favre was sending photos of his tractor to!

Mrs can not control me when it comes to buying Halloween candy at Target.

I am but a tiny tiny speck on the time line of this planet.