Wednesday, January 5, 2011

McDonald's is now making oatmeal and they had a large truck giving out free samples at the hospital yesterday. Of course I got in on the bonanza of free gruel, t-shirt and coupon for more free gruel. This kind of activity should be a twice a week kind of thing. I think these companies can afford it. You act like you don't need the shit and then they give you the shit for free.

Almost everyone knows how much I love dogs. So, if I can forgive Michael Vick for his dog fighting days then I think everyone should. If he fucks up again then we'll water board him, shoot him and and hang him.

I woke up Scanny at his humble abode this morning. The kid was asleep on the couch with the History Channel on and sound turned down. I never apologize for waking you up. You know, I miss that little fucker Bolstad calling in the middle of the night with a snoot full.