Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mrs is not clamoring to see the new Star Trek I got through Netflix.

I shoveled the end of the alley for the 100th time and I'm a better man for it. Some smart ass biker (The Professor) asked if I was the block captain as he rode by. Maybe I should be the block captain.

That Man v. Food guy has got me jonesing for a huge hamburger.

I'm back on a modified Atkins diet allowing for a nice piece of cake and ice cream for dessert.

The black dog does not care how GD cold it is outside.

Sure I know the guy featured in the article. He's part of the Midtown Coffee Clutch where important shit is talked about every morning. Remember to read the comments. There's never a shortage of slapdicks in today's society.


Anonymous said...

How many carbs do you limit yourself to everyday?

All The Way Ray said...

When I really get serious about it and eliminate the cake and ice cream I can get it down to 50 grams of carbs which isn't bad for a chub of my size.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the comments to Strib article (I read it on paper yesterday.) OTOH, I'm not sure I'm glad I READ the comments. Sheesh. Nothing new, but upsetting to see everyone shouting past each other (or one group sticking fingers in ears and saying "I can't hear you")