Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here's your GD dinner, convict.

My tomatoes need at least another month of summer and then I'd have something.

I tip the waitress 20 % or more considering rounding. Some of them don't deserve 20 %. It is hard to give a whole lot to a guy who filled a cup with coffee at Starbucks. Now if I have a foo foo coffee with that nice foam I always tip at least 50 cents.

Not going to the Fair. We're on an every five years plan. Let's make it 10.

It breaks my heart to see traffic back up on 94 because of the construction. I'm picking up on the sarcasm. That's good, because I'm laying it on awfully thick.


Red said...

Thanks for the menu. I was half expecting a photo of a Zagnut bar, but Chris & Rob's menu will do. The options are virtually unlimited.

andrew rosenberg said...

chris and rob's is a pretty pitiful menu, i did take the whole family there one day though, it was the perfect place to spill soda, carry on like a 3 year old and not feel guilty about it.

All The Way Ray said...

Well, it is a poor substitute for a decent Chicago hot dog joint. I think people who go to Chris and Rob's would be shocked at how fast a Chicago joint pumps out the food.

Jen Northrup said...

a chicago hot dog joint is a model for every restaurant; efficient production, fairly good ingredients, great suppliers close by(vienna hot dogs on elston/damen) and the best is hand-cut fries with every order.

andrew rosenberg said...

that's my post under jen's name