Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey does that dog want a Snausage?

Mrs was quite surprised to find a Minneapolis policeman coming out into the alley as she was closing the garage door this morning at 0545. It's ok. He had his K-9 German Shepherd with who just happened to be snarling at Mrs. The cop went on with his business without telling Mrs whether there was a dangerous fugitive nearby or that all the pretty boys work at the Fire Department.

There were cops on several corners and for some reason the Cupcake roving truck was also positioned strategically on 42nd Street. Since all those glory hound news guys don't hit the streets until 9 I had no way of knowing what the story was. So, I hit the precinct office at Lake and Minnehaha and got the scoop from the cop at the front desk who was helpful but didn't have any free stickers.

The fugitive was being pursued after a car chase that ultimately led him to his Carl Lewis imitation. He probably ran when he found all of the pre-sets to be country music and conservative talk radio.

Wow! Life in the big city!

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