Monday, August 22, 2011

I have yet to reap the benefits of being an AARP's member.

If you've got a hankerin' for some bad ass samurai sword fighting you better rent 13 Assassins.

A guy who didn't go to high school with me said Good Morning today.

My favorite places to people watch are downtown and the airport. You get your office girls downtown and the airport is always good for husband and wife battles.

Does anybody know if I can make a few bucks from Google Ads on this piece of shit? Listen homeboy, I can always camp outside your f-ing doorstep with a cup and a sign that says: NEED MONEY FOR JERSEYS AND FOUR DOLLAR CUPCAKES.

Honestly, I think a $3.50 cupcake should be large enough to be delivered with heavy equipment.


jnorton said...


My daughter is going into business, getting a jump on the collapsing economy, and makes her own mini cupcakes. She's got a brand, a logo, makes them herself, uses the profits to buy more supplies and then tithes a bit for some noble cause. Kid's eleven. It's impressive. Killer Cupcake, on the Stone Arch Bridge whenever the baking god's agree. I'll save you one next time.

All The Way Ray said...

I'd definitely patronize the kid's stand and spend some of my allowance money.