Monday, August 29, 2011

A true lay around weekend was enjoyed by all of us. It's cool because when most people are running from heated house to heated car to work of shopping I'll still be spending an hour outside with Sassy.

Soon you will be receiving a photo of my experimental green pepper plant. Try to contain your excitement.

Ebay can be pretty weird for a jersey collector when you factor in the China knockoffs and the reputable dealers who sell the stuff for more than the league sites charge. To make it truly interesting you have the students who pump up the price for some guy's used laundry (jerseys).

Mrs and I have started watching Mad TV through Netflix because I haven't been up at 10:30 pm since the Carter Administration.

I have earned $5.41 from the ads on my blog. Sassy needs a new pair of shoes.

Due to Hurricane Irene I will not be attending the fair today.

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