Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Noon baseball games today. Enough said.

I hope we can fit in a generous teepee-ing of your Madison partner's house on Friday.

The Snowy Bear just let Sassy know who the Queen Bee is.

Harmon Killebrew hit his last Major League home run against the Minnesota Twins.

Snakecrotch: I believe September 12th is opening day in the NFL. Plan accordingly.

Playing with my knee so it makes a cool popping sound may not be all that good for it.

A filibuster epic proportions is coming here soon.

I could listen to FBI wiretaps of Blago using the f-word with respect to Obama's vacated Senate seat forever. Oh yeah, fourteen days of jury deliberation is a long time. I was part of a jury deliberation which lasted only three days and if I ever see some of these people again I'm going to confront them and tell them to have a nice day.