Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not a hundred percent sure this last cortisone shot is going to help that much. I think I'm more inclined to manage the pain through acupuncture and voodoo dolls. Pancakes for breakfast, that's what the smoke you smell is. Waiting for pictures from you two. UPS driver didn't have my jersey Friday. Didn't stop me from telling her how good she looks in brown. Take a breath.

Too hot and humid to ride a bike today. Mrs would like to be driven to Burnsville Mall to stimulate the economy. Aside from his obnoxious behavior, the latest Mel Gibson movie Edge Of Darkness is pretty good. We also viewed Pumping Iron starring the Governator. Exhale.

The plan is to take the wheels off my old black Crosscheck and paint it with a can of Krylon. I'll try to match the color of the Globe bike Gene has at 1 on 1. The color is called Marina Blue. Made sure there were no land mines in my yard as they're having an open house (realtor) next door.

Favre has to come back so the Bears can 'knock his cock in watch pocket' - North Dallas Forty