Thursday, March 12, 2009

At least Bikethrow hasn't layed me off

Conference tournaments for college basketball start in earnest today. That's about all you need to know about today's agenda. Sat in with the Bikethrow podcast crew this morning which was fun. Prospects for a job look tough mainly because I'm not looking too hard.


Frye said...

Umm, Ray ... we need to talk. We kind of ran out of time and needed to speak with you about something.

Pete said...

Yeah, talk to you about how awesome powerpoint is.

Frye: "Ray, did you see my powerpoint?"

Ray: "Yeah. Good job entering letters and using spell check."

Frye: "There was a picture too!"

Ray: "Very good, sir."

Frye: "Look, if you put your mouse over this word and click it, a web pa.....I mean if you click on this word it will redire.....IT'S SUPPOSED TO OPEN A PICTURE OF ANDY KRUSE! Alright!"

Ray: "That's a very good use of powerpoint."