Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stuff a sock in it.

I think you're kinda hung up on the whole unemployment thing so I've started telling people I'm retired. Yeah, see what I mean? There a whole different connotation to "retired". Now you ask yourself...May he's got some money that we don't know about. Hmmmm.

Rode the train between downtown and Mall of America a couple of times because that's what a retired guy does. Plenty of people watching to be had for the low low price of $2.25. Inspected the new Twins ballpark and am now ready for a snack as Pat at the Wienery would say.

No bathroom cleaning scheduled for today because that tile cleaner has chlorine bleach in it and I don't feel like opening windows on a semi-cold day.

1 comment:

Jim Thill said...

You should get one of those t-shirts or license plates:
Retired - don't ask me to do a damn thing.

That should cut back on all the questions.