Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's move those buns!

I can't find any pictures of me mowing the lawn or I'd post one to inspire you. Yes, the weather is for shit and it's only Thursday so those of you with Monday-Friday jobs still need to survive 2 more days of work which can be bad.

Let's all light a candle today so that Duane gets the job he's interviewing for with the City Of Minneapolis. It's 30 hours a week and pays 5 dollars an hour more so Duane could be sitting pretty. Then I could ride my bike downtown and meet him at Rick's Cabaret for lunch.

Shhhh...quiet...did you hear that? It's something good to eat in the kitchen calling me out like a gunfighter. Have a nice day and use your turn signals.


Meow said...

LOVE the picture Ray!! Great smile!

Ben said...

Nice guns!

All The Way Ray said...

Thanks guys for the compliments even though I violated NASCAR regs by racing without sleeves. Here comes Cyber Cop.

KM said...

I haven't seen a set of pipes like that since I replumbed my bathroom.