Thursday, March 5, 2009

I don't think you could if you wanted to

I've driven Mrs to work all winter. Minneapolis stopped plowing the sidestreets so they turned to shit in like December. There was a 3 week stretch when I was on jury duty that we took public transportation together every morning. Soon, I will be escorting her by bike again. Driving in the morning has shown how much of a rush people are in. You've always got some jerk riding your ass. People are in a rush because they don't allow enough time so that they don't have to rush. Rushing causes stress. Stress causes physical ailments. Biking to work does not create stress unless some pinhead in a car pisses you off.


Meow said...

Pinheads in cars are ALWAYS pissing me off be it on the bike or in the damn car! At least on the bike, I can use the energy to ride like a bat out of hell....not so in a car-all I can do is yell or if the kids are not with me, I can give em the bird.

Lynne said...

The trails were pretty icy this morning still. But I'm (crossing my fingers) hoping a lovely thaw is in the works soon!

And, um, I'm still always leaving late and still stressed. Well, actually stressed when I leave and stressed when I arrive, but happy in the middle, lol!

Hippie74 said...

Ah, it actually lowers my stress a bit to hear my exact thoughts come out of someone else's mouth. I keep wanting to ride to work (weather is obviously nice enough) but then I think of the geriatrics and rushing rich people I see veering into the bike lane, or running lights long after they've turned, or stopping mid-road because the sun is in their eyes (happened this morning in a 45 mph zone), etc, etc, and it freaks me out a bit. Fine line where driving drives you crazy enough to switch to biking (typically peaceful) without the cage to protect you.