Friday, March 6, 2009


To be quite Frank, Mrs is not impressed with my mustache. The Mustache Ride is tomorrow and we line up for a 40 yard field goal on Sunday. It sounds like Drew is organizing the festivities for Stache Bashe '09 so I'm sure there will be a few new wrinkles in the program.

I hear the destination in Saint Paul is Great Waters Brewing Company where most of the boys and girls which eschew a handcrafted lager in favor of a PBR. I don't go to Saint Paul very often unless Highland just across the river is considered Saint Paul. I prefer to think of Highland as the Stay-at-home-moms ghetto with a few college kids mixed in.

Where was I? Beats the shit out of me. Oh yeah...the Mustache Ride. Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at Freewheel on the picturesque West Bank at 4:45 pm for more fun than a person should have and the possibility of winning some really cheesy schwag for winning the mustache contest. Don't worry, if you don't have a mustache we'll stop at Saint Paul convenience store between robberies for fakies.

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