Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aah my boy, another day in paradise waiting for the snow to melt. Is it too early to start my seeds for tomato plants? Would it take a lot of work to make this a grow house? Can I ever truly be a Minnesotan if I stop for red lights? Am I the only male of my age group who found out who Fergie was on Sunday? Can I peel you an orange?

Obama has quit smoking for a year now. I'm sure a couple of heaters a week take more minutes off his life than the stress of being President.

Yesterday was the first day since last June that I didn't work on the end of the alley. I like to throw the little chunks of ice out into the street and watch the cars smash them down.

I talked to one of the cooks from one of the Global Market restaurants this morning. He said he flies to San Diego and then drives a car to where he's from in Mexico. 25 minutes at the border going into Mexico and 4 hours going into the United States. I feel safer already. We should have that drug problem under control by 5 today.


John Wroblewski said...

You've captured that certain Steve Przeslicke like aura in this photo.

All The Way Ray said...

To be mentioned in the same breath as Uncle Steve is quite a compliment.

bradley hanson said...

Love the photo of you and Aaron. Keep up the good work, brother!