Thursday, February 24, 2011

A vigil has started for the Fed-Ex truck. A jersey off E-bay was bargain priced. Didn't Fed-Ex maroon Tom Hanks on that tropical island? The Assassin will let me know when the driver walks up the sidewalk.

Norton, were you in on that fire at 26th and Cedar? Way to make room for a Starbucks.

Meshugge, Rahm is the first Jewish mayor in Chicago history. I've got a call in to Marion the florist to get those potholes on Diversey filled.

What's the over/under on Moammar living through the end of the month? Yep, he's a brutal MF but boy does he have some great fashion sense. And let's hear it for the Wisconsin governor and his astute recognition of voices. Has K-Tel released a boxed set of the Blagojevich FBI wire taps?


J*A*N* said...
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andrew rosenberg said...

i'm heading out the diversey river bowl(google it) for a couple of frames, rahm say he'll meet us there, bring extra cash that SOB never pays the tab

dean899 said...

lets get down tothe important thing in life!!!!!!!!!!!!are you going to comment on hurl closing the shop???????????????