Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Less thinking...more writing

It seems like all the white guys in my neighborhood...

Leftovers till hell won't have it makes for a smiley MF.

Not tired of shoveling snow. Tired of extra shoveling like path to bird feeder, end of alley and neighbor across alleys driveway.

Yes, The King's Speech could be considered artsy smartsy when compared to the A-Team. Here's some that aren't artsy smartsy:
1) The Local - guy rescues drugged out girl while getting his ass kicked throughout most of the film and sleeping in a boiler room and on a train platform.

2) The Bad Lieutenant - Look away when Harvey Keitel is parading around naked or you'll be scarred for life. You'll need a shower after this one.

3) Belly - Nas and DMX (black rappers, white boy) play drug dealers who hardly ever use the N word. This one's actually pretty good.

4) Bad Lieutenant - Port of New Orleans - Nicholas Cage takes over where Harvey Keitel left off. Not endorsed by the New Orlean's Chamber of Commerce.

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