Thursday, February 10, 2011

There goes our NC17 rating.

I did some vacuuming today. Did you know that sometimes a dog sheds some of her hair? I'll save some for you and we'll make you a sweater.

Our boy Meshugge found this one. Good work son. I think my favorite story about dibs was of the guy who brought the hose out after some prick moved his furniture and stole his spot.

Ate a grapefruit and my was it yummy.

I told you that Guitar Hero was bullshit.

I think my Kogswell has a flip flop hub on the back wheel. These knees are no longer made for fixed gear bicycling.

Gotta go. I'm on the run from the Grammar Police.

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andrew rosenberg said...

i still have a few contacts in chicago and we know where funny lives