Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Even I keep my mouth shut when women start talking about their weight. A couple of the girls at Midtown who are new commuters mentioned they hadn't lost any weight yet and I ran away down the Greenway as fast as I could.

What's going to happen first? Will Mrs return home or will that Chase Utley jersey arrive?

Bulls are down 3 games to 1. I go back to the days of Jerry Sloan and Bob Love and everything in between so I never get down.

I mowed the lawn yesterday so theoretically I'm a homeowner.

Monday I took the Snowy Bear on a late afternoon walk and we stopped to talk to my neighbor. After a short conversation I started to walk away but then realized that Snowy Bear had secretly taken a shit in his driveway while we were talking. I couldn't have scripted that any better.

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