Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here's the little fella, Red. I would think Kahn would try to remain in the shadows rather than hog the spotlight with any Jew-on-Jew humor. Stand down Sporty, I can use that term because I'm as Equal Opportunity as they get and I hate most white people.

The smell of Grecian Formula heralded the arrival of the Flanders Ride. I even saw that little shit Flanders later on the Cedar Lake Trail but didn't recognize him soon enough to run him into the bushes.

Lanny needs to set up a group lunch at Sea Salt because I've saved the necessary 12 dollars for a fish sandwich and 6 French fries. I've got a cold 40 of OE with your name on it, Lanny.

Should the power ever go out at your office it's probably nothing or it could be the Assassin because she sometimes likes to use that tactic.