Friday, May 20, 2011

Pictured are the dog cookies I bought for the Snowy Bear's birthday. Yes, she is loved.

One drop of rain has excused me from mowing the lawn. That would've been twice in one week but since Scanny was laid off I've been cutting it myself with a push mower (how fucking green is that!?!).

Inter-league play starts today and I couldn't care less. Sure, if you live some place where they have two teams like Yankees and Mets I guess it's cool but what about Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

This house is only this quiet when the Assassin runs out of gas and takes a nap which isn't too often.

I love the team sites on Facebook for all the various pro sports teams. The critical thinks that goes into some of the comments just can't be matched except by some of the fellas doing a stretch at Folsum.

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