Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All family business gets settled here

Colonel Klink makes a stop at CRC but can't make a call and B-Rad disses me on 42nd Street. Five foot 10 and 135 pounds so maybe now we can get someone to walk Aunt Sara down to Circle K. The mumu is a little snug but a Saver's stop will hopefully yield a polka dot ensemble.

Tatters and Flanders in the same morning beats the shit out of those scary health nuts at the Seward Co-op. Sullen high school kids at the bus stop except for the kid enjoying the smoky treat. Do they still make Chesterfields? WTF?

The one man fast break is run to perfection and calendar girl would meet a worthy adversary in the painted area. Mrs Sickboy is a breath of fresh air on a beautiful fall evening when You Think You Can Dance forces one to bed early.

I think of Mother every single day and only wish I could hug her one more time.