Friday, October 9, 2009

Tuffy to head North American operations

Ben at Freewilly on the Greenway drew those stars freehand. You know, there's a video of me lighting a candle at a wedding...

I can hear the vacuum cleaner in the other room calling me out like a gunfighter. This I can handle.

Sgt Bolstad will be deployed again in the next two weeks. He acts like he's such a bad ass and that he doesn't care if he gets killed but I see through that bullshit.

Metro Mobility bus driver huh meshugge? Did they tell you that driving like a complete asshole is mandatory?

Clown bike is easier to ride with 70 pounds of air in the tires rather than 35.

See you in church.


Tuffy said...

All The Way Ray said...

Nice find young man. I wish they would play the weekend World Series games during the day.