Thursday, October 8, 2009

You know you'll be watching baseball outdoors, don't you?

Tuffy, this is the kind of stuff you're supposed to come up with. I know, you've got papers to grade. The guys on the sign will shake hands after Twin's home runs next year. Don't worry, they'll use a hand sanitizer first and they went to high school together...wink, wink huh Debbie.

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Tuffy said...

Yeah, that was written-up last week.

I'll throw you a couple of bones, however:
--they were testing the lights this week. The test called for the lights to be on for 100 hours straight
--they'll be wearing a sleeve patch next season commemorating the 50th season in MN
--the first game will be a Gophers game
--the second and third games will be exhibitions versus St. Lou
--if you want an interesting experience, call to see if you can get on the staff for the plumbing check...the one where they flush all the toilets at the same time. My guess is early to mid-March on that one
--it's suspected that new Gophers football and new Twins stadiums have caused a migration of season-ticket holders away from the MN Wild. This is the first season since the introduction of that franchise that there is no waiting list for season tickets.

Anything else?