Friday, October 23, 2009


It's a wet dog morning out there today. We walked down to 42nd and Cedar where the lovely Courtney gave the dogs their daily goodies. Stabby's serves good food at a competitive price. However, Mrs and I have decided that breakfast out is ridiculously overpriced so the only place we frequent is the Richfield Country Buffet. It's f-ing eggs, potatoes, a slice of bacon and potatoes, Jimmy!

Waiting patiently for further instructions about a coffee meeting.

We hang our flag at half mast today to remember the great Soupy Sales who was just too GD entertaining for his own good. Google Soupy Sales or whatever the hell you kids do these days.

9,000 homeless people in Minnesota on any given night. Glad the recession is over.

Stay warm. Make your sweetie some stale bread French Toast in the morning. See you in church.

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Anonymous said...

There should be a national day of mourning for Soupy. It would be great to have a pie fight at the wake.