Friday, October 30, 2009

The wind blew in a Burger King wrapper from North Dakota

I've had a dogsitting gig the last 2 days. I got a jersey for my hard work. It's a friend but I'd let your dog out for a really cheap fee like 10 bucks a time as long as you live in the city. You'd have to lend me a key which would involve you getting over yourself. Your dog would love me. That's for sure. When the dogs return from their alien planet they'll be taking me, Mrs, Timmer and John and Carol Wroblewski back with them.
I may ride a bike today but I won't ride it far.
Halloween party out in south suburbia this evening. Pictures tomorrow.
The guy who's in charge of the donuts can't go to church on Sunday. That's in the bible.
Ok, time for that short bike ride. Eat as much candy as you can. Ride your bike to the end of the block and back. See you in church except for the Donut Guy.


bloodline said...

what if you're in charge of the donuts after the church service....i always made sure there was snack bar after the service in chicago, pastor ruth put me in charge of making the coffee

Ben said...

I am now going to start making donuts.

The Donut Guy said...

I make donuts for several church groups every Saturday night at work....that's gotta count for something when I die and get interviewed by St Peter.

Anonymous said...

Memory sure is becoming cheaper these days. I'm curious as to when we will eventually reach the ratio of 1c to 1 GB.

I eagerly wait for the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 TB drive . But for now I will be content with having a 32 GB Micro SD Card in my R4i.

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