Monday, October 19, 2009

To me the uniforms are more important than the games

Tuffy is a kindred spirit when it comes to the fashion of sports. Just last night we exchanged texts about the Bear's dark blue pants on the road. I love these Bronco's throwbacks especially the socks. I'll have this jersey. I'm just not paying 250 bucks for it.

Here's a couple of my least favorites:
Seattle wore these a couple of weeks ago. These are better suited to flagging traffic through road construction.
Oregon kinda has the market cornered when it comes to ugly college uniforms. Some of these combos are ok but the one with the big O is just hideous.
I just never warmed up to these rainbow jobbers and even the black guys couldn't make these look good when they were part of the African-American fashion scene.

I'm no Len Drusken but these are really bad. Once again it's Oregon from a couple of years ago. Now all the jerseys have duck feather type markings on the shoulders.

Tuffy, call in all your markers for an early look at any Twins uniform changes.

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