Monday, September 13, 2010

My knee is really swollen and I still rode my bike 20 miles this morning. I've taken the plastic off the couch, baby.

It was much too nice to go outside yesterday so I watched football and baseball.

Scanny's grandma died last week. He and his girlfriend have a stormy relationship at best. I asked him 'how's your ball and chain?' He told me 'she knows not to fuck with me at a time like this'. I want that on a tee shirt.

So Chelsea Handler is one of those non-celebrity celebrities?

Sassy chewed up my Lady Gaga eight track tape.

The only good roadies are the ones you know.

I feel the worst on 9/11 for the families of the poor schmucks who went into the Matrix that day and never came home.

I know I know, you got into a pose down with some jerk at REI and lost track of time. For the next 24 hours you're a douche and then it's over. I still love you like a brother.

Redskins slacks were quite dandy last night. Thanks for noticing.