Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to the Heights, baby, where they party more in a parking lot than the whole Warehouse District combined.

I rode 20 miles the hard way this morning and feel like a million bucks, spent.

How about some T-Jack? At least he shows up for camp.

Tuffy, I'm guessing that all day long with those smarmy little pricks is a lot. Any jersey and cap photos are for you.

I killed the back wheel on my Salsa. Really, I think cyclocross racing killed my back wheel. That, and my big butt.

I just hate it when those telemarketers hang up on me before I can amuse myself. 'Yes, this is Ray, where the fuck have you been?' 'Yes this is Raymond, can you recommend a really good instant gravy mix?' 'I'm not wearing pants and nobody cares!'